Warm colours and dramatic contrasts

Roestique produces even more nuances in texture and colours for a layered interior design, and contributes to a warm and sophisticated living environment.

  • Real rust

  • Touch-proof

  • Finished in one day

Roestique can create bold elements for warm interiors, or warm natural objects for cool spaces. The weathered rust brings the rawness of nature into the home.

Roestique integrates even more dramatic contrasts and sophisticated elements in the interior. These decorative rust techniques based on iron powder are easy to apply and transform interior walls and decorative objects into powerful elements of a layered interior design which is characterised by transitory beauty.

The warm colours and contrasts of these rusty elements create an exciting atmosphere in the interior. Rusty iron is a raw and weathered material that acquires a natural patina over time which gives it even more character. However, natural iron continues to rust and releases its oxidation materials every time you touch it.

Stoopen & Meeûs provide a touch-proof solution with Roestique: iron particles are activated in the slightly granular paste which can instantly transform a wall or an object into a rusty and aged component of a bold interior. The paste can also be used to create a magnetic board when applied thick enough.


Roestique is a decorative rust technique based on iron powder for finishing walls and decorative objects. The paste is easy to apply with a spatula or brush in one coat on practically any substrate. The activator is then applied once to instantly activate the rusting. The iron particles oxidise and rust after a few hours drying, and the object or wall has its new, primitive look.

This rust technique creates a touch and waterproof coating and no further finishing is required.


Almost every surface can attain a rusty, oxidized appearance with Roestique after applying Stoopen & Meeûs’ StucPrimer. After applying of a layer of Rustique, the oxidizing process is initiated by the activator.

Roestique is not suitable for use on floors.

Roestique realisations