Push back your boundaries with ConQrete®, our first ready-mix product for you to give walls a pure concrete look, even if you don’t have much experience. 

For the first time in 127 years, we are now colouring the world with a ready-made plaster, too. After a simple demonstration, experienced painters and decorators or beginners alike can get down to work straight away. A primer and a plastering trowel are all you need!

Sturdy, industrial character

ConQrete starts things off with a pure concrete look. Perfectly in line with the “industrial chic” trend, the growing market for less austere interior finishes. Our Q for quality guarantees a first-class decorative finish with the sturdy, industrial character of concrete.

Stunning concrete colour in one coat

With just one coat, you can create an ultramatte natural concrete look. All the colours in our carefully selected Skyscraper collection can be beautifully combined in any interior. The collection includes three unique beige and grey shades. Like to experiment more with decorative possibilities? Then just add a second coat!

Range of possibilities

Do you like the raw, powerful texture of blasted concrete? Or do you prefer the smooth, glossy appearance of polished concrete? With ConQrete, all decorative looks are possible. Using a Stoopen & Meeûs Uniwall wax, you can give your walls a sparkling gold or silver effect in no time. And protect them against dirt at the same time.

Healthy lifestyle

We have been deliberately embracing the sustainability trend for years and continue this with the development of newcomer ConQrete. We’re for a healthier living and working environment!

At home on all surfaces

Can’t get enough of this contemporary look? As long as the substrate is solid, even, clean and dry, you can give full rein to your artistic impulses with coloured pastes on surfaces other than walls, as well. What about wood, MDL and furniture, for example: ConQrete is ideal for decorative finishes here, too.

Follow one of our short online or instore training sessions and you’re off!

If you have a taste for it and would like to get to know our other products, Stoopen & Meeûs also offers the Decorative Techniques training session (Dutch-French only).