A mineral is a naturally occurring substance which is the product of geological processes

Minerals come from the earth. The raw ingredients used for Stoopen & Meeûs paints are sand, clay, chalk and lime which are mined from rocks or excavated from deposits across Europe. All of these natural sources are self-replenishing which is why these raw materials are so sustainable.
  • Authentic materials

  • Pleasant living enviroment

  • Natural and durable

  • VOC-free.

Mineral coatings

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Stoopen & Meeûs have been processing these natural raw ingredients for nearly 20 years to manufacture decorative coatings for floors, walls and other parts of interiors. Their breathable characteristics contribute to a pleasing living environment.
Stoopen & Meeûs mineral paints consist of mineral, inorganic substances such as sand, clay and chalk, which are enhanced with lime and/or cement as the main binding agent. The paints and coatings are always supplied in powder form. This means they are VOC-free, and only a slight earth or clay odour is released when the product is applied.