Age-old technique for natural comfort in the home

Clay paint is a matt, mineral and very environmentally friendly wall and ceiling paint. It provides real decorative added value thanks to the endless range of application techniques, the gentle hues and the play of light. Clay is ideal for renovating old buildings but is also perfect for contemporary, often more sustainable interiors.

  • Premium quality

  • Matt finish, smooth or structured

  • Gentle shades

  • Pleasant atmosphere in the home

  • Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable

  • Regulates moisture, saves energy and muffles sound

Clay brings warmth, peace and comfort to your home, offices or store interior.

“They say history repeats itself and that’s true in the world of decorative paint techniques, as well: clay, a natural product used in ages past, is experiencing a new lease of life. Because this product is 100% environmentally friendly, it is highly suited to current sustainable construction methods, thereby reinforcing its contemporary character. Its unique appearance, too, betrays nothing of its origin in bygone days. The perfect technique for a warm, finely grained look and a breathing structure.” – This is what Jade Lambrecht said in  Decoratie (a PMG publication).

Clay is a basic product whose origins date back centuries. In the past, it was used when finishing houses. The discovery of cement led to a decline in the use of loam as a construction material in this part of the world, but thanks to its thermal insulation, anti-static and moisture regulating properties, it has become popular once again. Clay can absorb and release moisture so that the humidity indoors remains stable. Its ability to breathe therefore makes the job of ventilation systems easier, even in new buildings!

These properties make clay paint ideal for use in authentic renovations of old buildings but also in the most contemporary of interiors. Moreover, clay paint lends itself perfectly to countless decorative techniques, from a fairly smooth, muted look to a shaded, streaked appearance.


Clay is the most environmentally friendly member of the Stoopen & Meeûs family of decorative paints and plasters. Stoopen & Meeûs clay comes from European soil and can be extracted, produced and processed using hardly any energy. Clay is not burned or treated using chemicals during this procedure and is therefore fully recyclable.

Stoopen & Meeûs clay provides unparalleled natural comfort in the home thanks to its ability to regulate humidity (removing surplus moisture from the air and then restoring it) and to the sound-insulating and anti-static properties of this natural product. Clay also has a good heat storage capacity, which reduces energy consumption. Clay helps ensure a healthy indoor climate in today’s highly insulated homes.


As with all mineral, breathing paints and plasters, the absorption capacity of the surface partly determines the intensity of the colour. Stoopen & Meeûs clay paint is intended for indoor use, on both walls and ceilings. It is suitable for all mineral bases, old paint, wood, MDF, metal, etc. if the base is sufficiently stable. Meaning Stoopen & Meeûs clay paint-stucco can be used in multiple circumstances.


The Stoopen & Meeûs pigments produce gentle shades in clay paint and stucco. Different bases and application techniques create a unique and exclusive result. The end result is also partly determined by the skill of the painter-decorator. It is therefore advisable to test the product on a sample first, to assess the effect on the colour, the intensity and the appearance with the application technique used.

Indicative color chart

For professionals

  • Technical data sheet UniWallPrimer

    UniWallPrimer is thé primer to use with our Lime paint and Clay paint. It is a quick-drying universal, solvent-free primer for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates, suitable for finishing with alkaline products. You can use it on stony materials, cement and gypsum plaster, aerated concrete, concrete, silicate stone, wood, MDF, … It is not suitable for plastic and metal.

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