Heavy duty Stuccowork

StucResin is a seamless decorative epoxy finish, providing floors with a matte mineral look. This heavy duty Stuccowork is durable and ideal for for floors bearing heavy loads, such as retail spaces, offices, … but equally at home!

  • Natural look and feel

  • Unique floors, indoors and outdoors

  • Smooth or textured finish

  • Strong and durable, for both residential and commercial spaces

  • Long lifespan and easy to maintain

  • Straightforward renovation method for existing floors

  • Applied by a StucResin craftsman


StucResin is widely applicable and can be used for finishes in retail spaces, restaurants, showrooms, offices, etc … Ideal for refinishing of existing floors, as well as suitable for heavy loads.


StucResin can only be applied on a solid, stable and even surface, free of dirt and separating coats.

For the professional

StucResin can only be applied by a Stoopen & Meeûs certified StucResin craftsman.

For more information regarding our StucResin training and becoming certified, please contact one of our representatives.

StucResin realisations