Cool decoration

The robust beauty of a disused factory building, storage facility or workplace is like the Statue of Liberty in New York or the roof of the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. Only a few materials become more attractive when exposed to the natural elements.

  • Industrial look

  • Use alone or in combination

  • For indoor walls and decorative objects

With RustiQ and OxiQ, you can seamlessly integrate these gems of industrial decay into various interior styles. RustiQ radiates warmth, peace and quiet, while OxiQ is bursting with energy and optimism thanks to the typical teal or turquoise colour.

Both RustiQ and OxiQ can be applied in your interior individually or in combination with one another. They complement each other superbly and are ideal for creating an accent wall and adding character to decorative elements in residential or commercial settings.

Naturally, RustiQ and OxiQ blend perfectly into the industrial style.

What is more, they create attractive decorative finishes that can bridge the gap between very different styles, where old and new meet.

RustiQ® & OxiQ® brochure

For the professional

Stunning decorative techniques based on powdered iron or powdered copper

Very easy to apply in one or two coats. Suitable for nearly all surfaces after Stoopen & Meeûs StucPrimer application.

RustiQ® – OxiQ® inspiration