A passion for colour. This has been the driving force at Stoopen & Meeûs for more than 120 years. From our base in the heart of Europe, we share this passion with our customers by supplying premium-quality pigments, dyes and mineral products. Our customers and their requirements are our top priority, and we search for answers to their unique colour needs together.

With an excellent strategic location near the port of Antwerp, a global network of representatives and more than a hundred years of experience, Stoopen & Meeûs is a valuable link in the value chain of its customers in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Historically, Stoopen & Meeûs is renowned for its rich, deep greens and blue colours.


Stoopen & Meeûs is a Belgian company with a proud history. We are committed to building long-term relations with our customers, suppliers and employees. Our products are eco-sensitive, mainly thanks to their mineral ingredients and the fact that we avoid using VOCs. This allows us to promote a more natural, environment-friendly approach to paint.

We also make every effort to contribute actively to a better future. For twenty years we have been sponsoring twenty-five children around the world through PLAN International.

This is our contribution of our tradition values of fairness, quality and integrity to a better future.


As a result of many years of experience, we sell our pigments, dyes and mineral finishes for walls and floors in more than 80 countries. This means we are a number one specialist in colours. Our mission is to offer:


As a result of many years of experience, we sell our pigments, dyes and mineral finishes for walls and floors in more than 80 countries. This means we are a number one specialist in colours. Our mission is to offer:

Pigments and dyes, that meet your requirements at a fair price

Mineral finishes for walls and floors, which are manufactured using honest and environment-friendly methods and which are easy to use.


In 1894 Edmond Stoopen and Paul Meeûs purchased a factory in Antwerp, which produced paint dyes and other chemical products, from the widow De Vos-Persenaire. This was the beginning of a colourful story involving travel and coincidence.

One of the more adventurous representatives decided to travel to South America in 1905 Hobbyist painter Springael not only sold his own paintings but also the first Dragon pigments and dyes. This became the foundation for all sales in this region. In 1910, his obsessive travelling took him on a trip around the world. As such, Stoopen & Meeûs played a pioneering role for Belgian exports to non-European markets.

The success of Stoopen & Meeûs Dragon paints is the result of technical secrets which enable the company to create very exclusive colour hues. These products were particularly popular in the Near East.

In the 1970s, the sons of Stoopen and Meeûs left the activities of their successful fathers to an insurance company. This company held bimonthly board meetings and Mrs Jackie Sarteel’s name gradually becomes prominent, initially as secretary but increasingly as an important vote at meetings. After the company moved to its current location, she and a partner take over Stoopen and Meeûs in 1985. These developments breathe new life into the company and the results improve significantly.

In the meantime, Stoopen & Meeûs is owned by the family. The product range has expanded and now includes the mineral paints Lime Paint, Badgeon, Clay Paint, Stuc, Roestique and a new innovative product called Crustal. These products are also being exported again. Building permission was applied for on 16 July 2014 for the construction of a new lab and a new production hall. This will accommodate a brand new mixing installation. In other words, Stoopen & Meeûs are ready for the next hundred years!

In 1895, dyes are still ground and mixed manually. The colours dry in a warm glasshouse or even in the open air of Antwerp when it's hot.

The Stoopen & Meeûs trademark, the“Dragon” was already registered in 1906.

We are Stoopen & Meeûs, your partner for the next 100 years.

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